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The Left’s Paradoxical View on State’s Rights

In Recent News, Social Issues on May 12, 2010 at 8:59 PM

The left, the progressives and quasi-socialists, the ultimate federalists, have long campaigned non-stop against state’s rights, that is unless they benefit the left themselves. As anyone taking the time to read this blog likely already knows, Arizona recently passed legislation on illegal immigration. Personally I’m undecided on the bill, having heard so many different interpretations of it and not having a clear idea of exactly what it’s effects are. My personal position on immigration is that the key is to allow unlimited immigration and make it very easy to get a green card or some other form of legal identification. However, back to the point, many on the left side of the isle are outraged by the bill. This includes, as few will be surprised by, the great bastion of the left, California, where the right is everyone else’s left and the left is what we’d call crazy. In particular we have good old Los Angeles.

It was just recently declared that Los Angeles has declared a boycott on all commerce between the state of Arizona and themselves. Some experts expect this to cost Arizona as much as $4 million in business and investment. Personally I think it’s a little useless as I doubt Arizona is going to change their law just because LA disapproves, but if it’s what the people in Los Angeles want then go for it. However this brings us to the big point, the left’s paradoxical view on state’s and community’s rights.

As we speak the Democrats, RINOs, and other leftists are trying to get the federal government to do something to overrule or in some way combat Arizona’s new law. However, at the exact same time that they are declaring the the state of Arizona does not have the right to pass this law and continuing their never ending federalist crusade, they are maintaining that the city of Los Angeles has the right to limit all commerce between themselves and Arizona. I guess the left could argue that they favor city rights but not state rights…. not sure how far that’d get them, especially with the ultra federalist base.

Seriously, though, this flip flopping is just weakening their own stance and ability to argue against state’s rights. I personally stand by the constitution and my personal ideals and say that LA has the right to boycott Arizona if they so please, however, therefore, Arizona  also has the right to pass their own immigration laws.