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A Beginning

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2010 at 8:15 PM


I’m 15. Everyday, whenever you turn on the TV or read the news there’s someone, from some ideology, or some side of the isle, claiming that they are doing what is best for the future and the youth. Of course never do you actually hear the opinion of the ‘youth.’ Despite the fact that it’s our future, our America, our lives that they are deciding each and every day in Congress, it is assumed that anyone younger then their mid-20’s is incapable of forming an educated opinion or an opinion at all for that matter. I beg to differ. While many view the teens of this country as obsessed with pop culture and with little concern, as a group, for politics, news, or anything education, can’t the same be said for much of America? In fact, can’t the same be said for the very news programs we watch when such a large portion is dedicated to stunts such as balloon boy and octomom, pop culture stories and endorsement, and the back stories and personal lives behind politics. All this while the American public, youth, teen, middle-aged, and all other ages, remains sorely uninformed.

That is why I am beginning this blog. I have an opinion, a legitimate, thought out, opinion, one that no one seems to take the time to listen to. Personally I’m tired of Old Politics and the political establishment, and this includes Obama and McCain and the like whose claims of change are nothing but a sham. Everywhere I look, in every direction, on both sides of the isle, it seems that the political class is trying to tell the rest of the world what to do. On one side you have the progressives, I refuse to call the liberals but thats an argument for another time. They claim they know how you best spend your money, your earning. They claim to know what is best for you socially and fiscally. The neoconservative religious right  is no better. I was watching the Kentucky Republican Senatorial Primary Debate last night on C-SPAN and I saw a man by the name of John Stephenson who I believe epitomizes this. His entire argument centered around how we must force Christianity and, more importantly, strong moral guidelines upon all of Kentucky. Essentially this means he want let you do anything the church doesn’t want you to do, very different from not wanting you to do anything the church doesn’t want you to do. He’s very welcome to have his own thoughts and beliefs but when he tries to force them on others, that’s no better then the lefts socialistic tendencies.

For those interested about the name Ama-gi, and it’s traditional written form pictured at the start of this post, it is ancient Sumerian cuneiform. It means freedom. However it is more then that. Originating thousands of years ago, it was the first written concept of freedom, the first time the human mind successfully grasped and put that wonderful concept into words. Freedom is the base of this entire country and its about time that everyone, left, right, and center, realized this.